Transit-Oriented Development

Transit-oriented development is different from ordinary development in terms of target markets, price points, development program and investment risk. W-ZHA has extensive experience in both planning for and implementing transit-oriented development projects.

A key issue today in transit-oriented development is ensuring that the regulatory strategy adopted around stations offers municipalities the opportunity to leverage community benefits.

Potomac Yard Power Center Redevelopment Negotiations (Alexandria, VA)
W-ZHA worked with the City on a financing plan for a new Metro station at Potomac Yard. The financing strategy included a special assessment from the owners of the very successful Potomac Yard power center as they would profit greatly from the Metro station’s presence on-site. W-ZHA supported the City in its negotiations with the owners by quantifying Metro’s impact on land value. The owners and the City agreed on a redevelopment plan, a special assessment and regulatory framework when the Metro station went into operation. The Metro station is expected to open in 2021.

Hiawatha Light Rail Line Station Development Potential (Minneapolis, MN)
W-ZHA was retained to analyze the market and the development potential of each station area along what was then the proposed Hiawatha light rail line. Development concepts were developed to inform station location and design as well as future land use regulations.

Assembly Row, aka Assembly Square (Somerville, MA)
Federal Realty Investment Trust (FRIT) retained W-ZHA to perform fiscal and economic impact analysis for the proposed Assembly Row project in Somerville, MA. Assembly Row is a 45-acre mixed-use project on what was a brownfield site on the Mystic River. The fiscal and economic impact analysis helped to justify public funding for a new rail transit stop at the project. The “T” stop and the initial phases of the project are built.

Union Station Transit-Oriented Development Plan (New Haven, CT)
W-ZHA lead a multi-disciplinary team in developing a Transit-Oriented Development Plan for New Haven’s Union Station. Market analysis was conducted as part of this effort. W-ZHA worked closely with the State of Connecticut DOT and the City to develop a Plan that made sense from both a transit and economic development perspective.

Selected Places Where We Have Provided Transit-Oriented Development Services

  • TOD Plan (Bridgeport, CT)
  • TOD Plan (Danbury, CT)
  • TOD Plans (Fairfield, CT)
  • Union Station Plan (New Haven, CT)
  • TOD Plan – Glenwood Station Area (Stamford, CT)
  • TOD Plan – Springdale Station (Stamford, CT)
  • Gallery Place TOD (Washington, DC)
  • Streetcar Plan (Washington, DC)
  • Transit Station Planning (Somerville, MA)
  • Baltimore Rail Station TOD Plan (Baltimore, MD)
  • Transportation Management Plan (Northern Prince George’s County, MD)
  • Public/Private Negotiations  (While Flint, MD)
  • BRT Station Plan (Bloomington, MN)
  • LRT Station Plan (Bloomington, MN)
  • Hiawatha Line (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Station Financing (Alexandria, VA)
  • National Airport Bridge Concept (Crystal City, VA)
  • TOD Plan (Loudoun County, VA)

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