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Strategic Planning

W-ZHA’s approach begins with identifying viable development opportunities and analyzing these opportunities as an investor or developer would.

W-ZHA applies market analysis conclusions to craft optimum development programs and often tests private development feasibility. Financing gaps are identified and innovative financing techniques are developed.

Ultimately, W-ZHA crafts implementation programs and structures equitable joint development arrangements between the public and private sectors.

Bridge Street Corridor Development Strategy (Dublin, OH)
W-ZHA worked with a multi-disciplinary team to craft a Development Strategy for the Bridge Street District. Noted as a wealthy suburb of Columbus with corporate campuses and upscale subdivisions the challenge was how to evolve Dublin to appeal to 21st Century values of walkable mixed-use, sustainability, entrepreneurism and enhanced quality of life. The Plan emphasizes and incents infill development and walkability in the Bridge Street section of the City. As a result of this planning, Bridge Park has been developed which contains office, residential, hotel and retail uses. W-ZHA analyzed the office market and worked with the City to understand innovative financing approaches. The Plan received a Congress for the New Urbanism Charter Award, Honorable Mention.

RealizeRosslyn Master Plan (Rosslyn, VA)
W-ZHA was part of a multi-disciplinary retained to develop a community vision and implementation framework for Rosslyn, VA. Rosslyn is a business district across the river from Washington, DC. The Plan is to transform Rosslyn from a high-rise business district into one of the region’s great urban centers with a vibrant mix of land uses. W-ZHA’s role was to analyze existing redevelopment economics in Rosslyn and to test the implications of different density/regulatory scenarios on redevelopment feasibility. The Plan received the APA-Virginia, Holzheimer Award for Economic Development.

New Haven Hill-to-Downtown Strategic Plan (New Haven, CT)
W-ZHA led the market team on this major Master Planning effort in Downtown New Haven, CT. The market recommendations informed a Master Planning process under separate contract. The Plan connects Yale’s medical complex to the Downtown and the City’s multi-modal train station. The Plan was awarded the Congress for the New Urbanism, New England Urbanism Award Honorable Mention.

Downtown Wichita Master Plan (Wichita, KS)
W-ZHA performed the commercial market analyses for Downtown Wichita’s 2020 Master Plan. W-ZHA was responsible for identifying target projects and developing specific action agendas to make the projects happen. Since the Plan’s completion in 2011 two new hotels have developed Downtown as well as multiple housing projects and a new office building. The Downtown Wichita Plan involved significant community outreach. The Plan received the Pinnacle Award from the International Downtown Association and Sodbuster Award from the American Planning Association – Kansas.

Selected of Places Where We Have Provided Strategic Planning Services

  • Downtown Plan (Birmingham, AL)
  • Master Plan (Birmingham, AL)
  • Hill-to-Downtown Plan (New Haven, CT)
  • Transit Neighborhood Plans (Stamford, CT)
  • US Steel Redevelopment Plan (Claymont, DE)
  • City Master Plan (New Orleans, LA)
  • Downtown Plan (Shreveport, LA)
  • Downtown Plan (Wichita, KS)
  • Route 1 Corridor Plan (College Park, MD)
  • South West Detroit Plan (Detroit, MI)
  • IMPACT Albany Plan (Albany, NY)
  • East Franklinton (Columbus, OH)
  • Near East (Columbus, OH)
  • Bridge Street District (Dublin, OH)
  • Lawrenceville (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • East Liberty (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Oakland Innovation District (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • North Charleston Brownfield Plan (North Charleston, SC)
  • Downtown Plan (Memphis, TN)
  • Downtown Plan (Corpus Christ, TX)
  • Downtown Plan (Leesburg, VA)
  • Route 419/Tanglewood Mall Plan (Roanoke, VA)

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